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Big News! Tiancheng has officially launched the “Lifetime Warranty”!

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Big News! Tiancheng has officially launched the “Lifetime Warranty”!

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-18 16:03
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World Consumer Rights Day of 2020 has come as scheduled. It in not only the day when consumers all over the world safeguard their own rights, but also the day that Tiancheng (hereinafter referred to as TC) has officially launched its “Lifetime Warranty”.

“Uniting our strength” is the theme of 2020 World Consumer Rights Day, which coincides with the original intention of TC to launch “Lifetime Warranty”.TC hopes to take the “Lifetime Warranty” as an opportunity to consolidate the strength of the industry, create a healthy competitive environment to meet the accelerating market demand in the new era and ultimately promote the high-quality development of the entire industry.

TC has made a “Quality Guarantee Commitment” specifically for “Lifetime Warranty” service, and implemented a clear commitment on paper to fully protect the rights of every customer. All customers who purchase products included in the list of first lifetime warranty products of TC fire protection can sign a “Lifetime Warranty ” service with TC

Product Designation

Product Type No.

Intelligent photoelectric smoke detector


Intelligent rate of rise&fixed temperature heat detector


Intelligent combination heat photoelectric smoke detector


Digital manual call point


Fire hydrant button


Loop isolator


Input module


Output module

TCMK5212, TCMK5216

Input/output module

TCMK5213, TCMK5223

Addressable sounder strobe

TCSG5230F, TCSG5230R

Fire display panel

TCFS5089JB-TB-TC5000, JB-LT-TC5200

Fire alarm control panel/Fire alarm control panel (linkage)

JB-QB-TC5100, JB-TB-TC5120

Fire alarm control panel


Graphic display unit


Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. As a member of the fire safety industry, TC has implemented the concept of “safety is greater than the sky and responsibility weights more than mountain” throughout the enterprise development process. The launch of the “Lifetime Warranty ” service also means the “quality war” has officially begun. TC will continue to move forward steadily with integrity as the foundation, product quality and product technology as the core!

Keep improving every product, and serve every customer with great care. For TC, every day is World Customer Rights Day. TC will continue to uphold the concept of “changing the industry with technology and laying the foundation with quality” to create more value for clients, industry and society!

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