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JB-DH-TC5600 Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment-tiancheng(TC)

JB-DH-TC5600 Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment-tiancheng(TC)

Electrical fire monitoring equipment and DH12A, DH01B and DH230 electrical fire detectors form an electrical fire monitoring system with bus communication, each detector has its own independent coded address, and the electrical fire monitoring equipment is connected with each detector through two bus loops, that is, it communicates and provides power for each device, and the alarm information is reported to the control panel through interrupt mode.
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▪ JB-DH-TC5600 Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment and DH12A, DH01B, DH230 electrical fire detectors constitute the bus-communication electrical fire monitoring system. The electrical fire monitoring equipment communicates with each detector having its own independent address, through the two buses, which is the communication, and the power also supports each device. The alarm information is reported to the host through the interrupt mode to achieve high efficiency and rapid response. At the same time, each channel of the bus device is disconnected or short-circuited, and the communication fault of the device is reported to the host, which provides an important basis for the normal operation of the equipment, that is, the subsequent system maintenance
▪ Large screen Chinese character LCD screen, various alarms, faults, status and other information are displayed in Chinese characters
▪ Residual current detector, temperature sensor alarm value has wide range adjustable, wide adaptability
▪ The detector is electronically coded by easy and convenient installation
▪ The function of interconnecting with our fire alarm system
▪ Maximum 2 loops with 255 electrical fire detectors per loop bus
▪ The casing meets the requirements of IP30 strictly, and all gaps and vents are no more than 2.5mm
▪ Controller dimensions (L × W × H): 360mm × 130mm × 480mm
Electrical fire monitoring
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