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TCXH5215Fire Hydrant Button-tiancheng(TC)

TCXH5215Fire Hydrant Button-tiancheng(TC)

When the fire is confirmed, press the tablet on the button. It can send a start signal to the control panel and start the fire pump at the same time.
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Details Introduction

TCXH5215 Fire Hydrant Button


I General

TCXH5215 Addressable Fire Hydrant Button (the button) is installed in public places. When there is a fire, pressing the frangible element on the button can send startup signal to the fire alarm control panel and fire pump is activated. After receiving the startup signal, the control panel will show address information of the button and generate alarm sound. After the fire pump is activated, the feedback LED of the button is on.

II Features

  1. Plug-in structure. Simple and convenient installation.
  2. Alarm by pressing, reset by a special key.
  3. Microprocessor controls devices; digital signal communicates the fire alarm control panel. Stable and reliable work, good ability to inhibit electromagnetic interference.
  4. Electronically addressed. The address can be modified in field. Easy and reliable for commissioning.

III Technical Specifications

  1. Operating voltage

Signal bus voltage: loop 24V

  1. Operating current

      Standby current: ≤ 0.2mA

      Action current: ≤ 1.5mA

  1. Type of Initiating PartReusable
  2. Initiating ModePressing the frangible element manually
  3. Resuming ModeManually resumed by a special key
  4. Indicator

      Active LED: Red. Flashes every 3s normally. Illuminates after activated.

      Feedback LED: Green. After fire pump is activated, the LED is on.

  1. Programming mode

      Electronically addressed (address range: one address within 1~255).

  1. Wiring: 2-wire/6-wire
  2. Operating environment

      Class: indoor

      Temperature: -10°C+55°C

Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non-condensing


      90mm×90mm×42 mm (with base)

  1.  Material and color of enclosure: ABS; red
  2.  Weight: about 120g(with base)
  3.  Mounting hole distance: 60mm
  4.  Standard: GB 16806-2005


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